Industrial designer, Jason Pohl and his new partner, son, Maxton – 8 years old,  gets a chance to sit in dad’s chair and explore SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids.  SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids is a collection of web-based apps that are fun for kids to learn about design and 3D printing. Kids can create anything with their imagination.

Maxton used Shape-It app to create his 3D model by starting with a blob of digital clay and pushing and pulling on faces.  He used the Style-It app to add a bright red color and a space background.

Jason’s design studio is complete with a Wacom tablet and 3D Printer.  Maxton is ready to explore.

Young designers want to see their prototypes.  So Maxton sends his rocket ship model to the Sindoh 3DWox 3D Printer.  With patience, Maxton waits for his prototype to finish.